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At Bad Bish Rags we know what it means to be bad! And it’s not spending the night in a jail cell! Here's our tips on how to be bad bish!


Never be basic, always be a bad bish! Spice up any outfit with some cool accessories. Why just an outfit when you can have an outfit with some with extra attitude?!

Pentagram Garter Bad Bish Rags

Increase your inner confidence! Never doubt yourself. Never judge yourself. Wear what you want. Be who you want. Be a bad bish! Our hot, tattooed Bad Bishes are admired by many, and while their looks are greatly desired, it’s their attitudes that really shine through. Your confidence is what will make you the most beautifully striking bad bish around. These girls don’t doubt or judge themselves. They wear what they want and they are doing what they love.

Lady Lauren Brock, Mercedes Edison, Andreea Rosse, Bea Dux

Unleash your inner cat woman. Killer tallons are always a winner to make you feel good and bring out your bad bish side.

Killer nails for a real Bad Bish

Whether its bright red, dreadlocks, the pixie crop or jet black, don’t be afraid to express yourself with the bad bish do you really want.

Drealocks Bad Bish Rags

For bad bishbling-idge (you get it) layer up your jewelry, think thick chains, hoops and rings, on rings, on rings.

Boho Bling Jewelry Accessories

Get the Kylie Jenner look without the fillers with clever use of the magic that is contouring. Tutorial here.

Contour Lips for the Kylie Jenner Effect.

It may be winter in the UK but it’s hot in LA (where we should be right now) and look killa in an ab fab crop top, a Bad Bish wardrobe stable.

Dimples Darling My Lil Ponies

Okay so your cat is cute, but we don’t wanna see pics everyday. Don’t be an #instabore and show us more of the good stuff, like your #OOTD, your #LMAO moments and your sexy #selfies and even sexier #belfies.

Becky Holt Ibiza

Bea Dux Weed Bodysuit

 Lady Lauren Brock

Scribbles Suicide Thong Bikini

Being bad doesn't mean you have to be rude. 

Kindness doesnt cost a thing.