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All Images Featured are of Customers, Promo Models/Photographers & Staff of Bad Bish Rags!
At Bad bish rags we like to showcase and show love to our bad bish promo models and customers and everyone we have worked with, to thank them for their for support and getting us to where we are today! Check out the hotties that have dared to bare in our Bad Bish Rags items. We will be revealing a new Bad Bish every month!
Last time we had leggy ROSA BRIGHID. This time it's scrumptious SCRIBBLES SUICIDE.
Scribbles Suicide
Gorgeous, fun and caring, Scribbles is one of the best.
Scribbles suicide
You can catch her shooting with another set of babes (and our favs) Xtreme Playpen.
Jo Evans Scribbles
You can also become a member to her private group and see exclusive shots here.
Scribbles Suicide
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