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Bad Bish Rags- Bishes Be Getting Strapped Up

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Our hotties have been getting strapped up in the Strap Me Up Swimsuit.

Strap Me Up Swimsuit

Strap Me Up

Strap Me Up Swimwear


Things have been popping off and the amount of selfies and pics we get sent and get tagged in makes us moist. Just jokes. Not. We f'in love you lot! Please keep the kind emails coming in too, we really do love seeing pics and knowing what you think about your experience with us. So please continue to tag us and send us pics! (espesh the nudes ;)) To be featured on our website or on our social media pages please just tag us on FBInstagramTwitter and Pinterest @BadBishRags in your badass bits! Any suggestions or requests from customers for items we also gladly take so send them in to


Our "Strap Me Up Swimsuit" is literally reigning supreme! The newly listed "Slick Kitty Sunnies" are popular and our restocked Weed Pieces are starting to fly high. Our Badass & I Nose It Faux Flat Nose Studs are also a fav among the accessories.


We have more swimwear dropping over the next month, more bralets and super cool and dark accessories! If there's something you're looking for, wanting but it's sold out or just need in your life? Let us know, we can probably work some magic. Stay up to date by following us on Instagram, FB, Pinterest or Twitter; @badbishrags!

July 06, 2016 by Bad Bish Rags
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