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All Images Featured are of Customers, Promo Models/Photographers & Staff of Bad Bish Rags!

Our First Bad Ass Month!


We have had the pure delight of seeing tattoo model sensations the Loco Ink Dolls Becky Holt & Hanna Heart wearing our Bad Bish Rags items! 

Becky Holt Hanna Heart Doll Bad Bish Rags Bits


Our favorite new items in this month have been the “Go to Hell” Unicorn Sweater and the “Don’t Mess With My Kitty, Woof Off” Cat/Dog face flats which were cooed over all day, the whole team decided to buy one or the other so we had to order in more (the size 7 shoes was a hit with customers and sold out within two days, more coming in next week!). The “420 Time” Weed print crop top practically sold out the day it went up, with one left hanging at the end of the day (which some of the team were pretty gutted about!) The “I’ve Got a Bone to Pick” full finger ring was marked as “wanted” by most of the team yesterday when it came in and the “Stick Em Up” Faux Gun Plug Earring has been a favorite among customers. The products manager nabbed a skater dress and wore it on a night out the day it came in! The team eagerly awaits new items with the products manager teasing us daily with her Bad Bish Rags orders.  

Faux Septum, Unicorn Jumper, Cat Dog Shoes and Skater Dress


The team @ Bad Bish Rags has really enjoyed launch month and greatly thank all of our new and repeating customers for their support. We couldn't do this without them! Any suggestions or requests from customers we gladly take but we promise the new products will always be fresh, cool and add a bit of swag to any plain outfit.


Our best selling items overall launch month have definitely been the “Puff Puff Pass” weed two-piece and “We Rollin, Rollin, Rollin Bish” bodysuit (we’ve had to re-order twice). All of the Faux Septums rings seem to be a hit with many sold out and only a few of each left! And the teams personal favorite and no surprise was the “I am Unicorn Bish” clutch bags… they’re just too cute and bad ass at the same time to not want one!

Best Selling Items at Bad Bish Rags

May 01, 2015 by Bad Bish Rags
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